Public Members

Lenard Diggins
Arcady Goldmints-Orlov (Co-chair)
James Jackson
James Jay
Brad Johnson
Brian Langevin
Craig Laskowski
Andrew Smith
George Thoman
Karen Wepsic
Stefan Wuensch (Co-chair)
Wig Zamore

CTPS Members

Steven Andrews
Jonathan Belcher
Nicholas Hart
Andrew Reker

Member Facts

Maximum Number of Public Members: 21
Number of ROC Chairpersons: 2
Number of Subcommittee Chairpersons: 4
Number of Executive Committee Members: 6
Yearly General Meeting Attendance Requirement: 6 out of 12 meetings
Yearly Subcommittee Attendance Requirement: 6 out of 12 meetings

Apply to Join the ROC

The ROC takes applications on a rolling, but highly irregular basis (it could be months or years before a new round of applicants are considered). If you are interested, click here to apply.