Building Greater Trust Between the MBTA and Its Riders The MBTA Rider Oversight Committee (ROC), formed in 2004, is a diverse group of riders, advocates, and MBTA employees. We address issues that come to our attention through a variety of means, and we provide recommendations to the MBTA that communicate the needs and concerns of all riders. Through our General Meetings, we provide the public with regular access to MBTA management and other transit professionals.

General Meetings

The ROC’s General Meetings are open to the public and occur monthly in the Massachusetts State Transportation Building. At these meetings, the ROC invites guests from the MBTA, partner agencies, and the community to present information of interest to the committee and to the public. We accept comments from the public on any MBTA-related topic, hear reports from subcommittees and liaisons to other advisory groups, and vote to speak in unity through official ROC actions.


The ROC currently has two standing subcommittees. Each of them gathers one time per month in meetings that are open to the public. The current standing subcommittees are as follows:
  • Finance and Capital
  • Marketing, Communications, and Operations
Past subcommittees included the following:
  • After-hours Service (Ad Hoc)

Procedure for ROC Actions

  1. ROC Member takes charge of concept
  2. ROC Member conducts research individually or builds a team to help with research
  3. ROC Member discusses findings with a standing subcommittee or an ad-hoc subcommittee
  4. Subcommittee presents all findings and recommended actions to the entire ROC
  5. A quorum of ROC Members vote on the recommended actions
  6. If a majority of ROC Members (or the entire Executive Committee) vote in favor, the ROC executes the action


MBTA Rider Oversight Committee Bylaws (Updated January 2016)