MBTA ROC Urges Massachusetts Legislature to Restore District Local Technical Assistance

The MBTA ROC has submitted a letter to the Massachusetts Legislature urging all senators and representatives to support Representative Donato’s amendment #282 to restore Direct Local Technical Assistance (DLTA). The thirteen Massachusetts Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs) that provide DLTA bring an expertise that assists leaders in their communities with attaining a comprehensive outlook which can encompass better public transit options as well as provide them with the means to do studies and present proposals for consideration in the statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The letter to the legislature is provided below:

Help Ensure Funding for All Thirteen Massachusetts Regional Planning Agencies

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is asking for our help and your help in ensuring funding for all thirteen Massachusetts Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs). Please ask your MA State Representative to support Rep Donato’s Amendment #282, which would restore District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) funding for all of the state’s Regional Planning Agencies.

Link to details on how to help: https://www.mapc.org/announcement/urgent-call-to-action-needed/