MBTA ROC Reiterates Support for Five-percent Fare Hikes Every Two Years

It has come to light that the MBTA is considering a 10% fare increase in the coming fiscal year. As a result, the MBTA ROC released a letter reiterating our support for 5% fare hikes every 2 years. During our public outreach prior to the last fare increase, we discovered that a majority of the public was in favor of predictable, moderate fare increases. Also, in our discussions with administrators regarding the 2013 Transportation Finance bill, the 5%-every-2-years rate was agreed to be a reasonable rate.

We are disappointed that the administration would use a technicality to create a situation that violates the trust that the public has with the MBTA regarding fare increases. Government works best when there is a trust between our elected officials, as represented by their appointees, and us, their constituents. There is the letter of the law, and then there is the spirit of the law. We ask that everyone involved in the decisions regarding the 2016 fare increase honor the spirit of the 2013 Transportation Finance legislation and limit fare increases to 5% every 2 years.

Our letter is provided below: